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Rate Your Boss

Do you feel underpaid and overworked? Do you suffer from chronic stress and high anxiety? Are you working in a hostile or unsafe environment?

If you are experiencing any of the above, you are not alone: you are one of over 12,000 Clark County School District (CCSD) support professionals who may be suffering from a bad boss. Currently these bad bosses are being empowered by a bad Nevada law AB469.

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We need to hear from you: please RATE YOUR BOSS.

Tell Us Your Story

We know that it takes courage to share your scary boss story and we want you to know that your name and contact information will not be disclosed by ESEA or Teamsters Local 14 and will be kept confidential. This information helps your unions to better represent the needs of all support professionals.

About Assembly Bill 469

How does AB 469 impact support professionals in Clark County School District?

  • Reorganizes large school districts, including CCSD, by providing local precincts and principals the authority to conduct “site-based” decision-making.
  • Offers administrators more power and limits existing union rights by illegally ignoring existing collective bargaining language.

Administrators, including principals, are now using AB 469 to undermine long-standing language in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with CCSD that provides a fair process for support professionals reassignments impacted by employee surplus or reductions in staff.

  • Administrators and principals can hand pick support professionals and ignore union contract language related to staffing resulting in support professionals being left without jobs, despite technically being employed by CCSD.
  • AB 469 requires that CCSD set up School Organizational Teams (SOTs), but administrators and principals can freely intimidate support professionals for speaking up at these meetings.
  • Administrators and principals jeopardize support professional jobs when they use outside vendors, which also undermines student and support professionals safety.
  • Administrators and principals can opt to save money on the backs of support professionals by refusing to fill vacancies, which can contribute to lack of safety for staff and students.